Pefect honey tea

If you haven't caught a cold from this crazy Chicago weather, praise God. And stay away from us. We're all nursing soar throats by sipping honey tea with milk. And since necessity breeds ingenuity, I developed the perfect way to keep the honey from settling at the bottom of the cup. If you've been to … Continue reading Pefect honey tea

Super Bowl Snacks

First a confession: we don't have a TV, and I think we're better off for it. My kids read all day, play sports and yes, fight. But at least they're interacting. Once in a while, though, it's inconvenient to have no screen on the wall. Like on Super Bowl Sunday. My husband spends that day … Continue reading Super Bowl Snacks

Garbage for dinner

I know what you're thinking. After a week of winter break with the kids, I've lost my mind and served dinner from the frozen food aisle. Fear not! We ate literal garbage for dinner, not figurative. Last night's dinner featured French onion soup, made almost entirely from food scraps that most people throw out. Nothing … Continue reading Garbage for dinner

Vacation day arts & crafts

Pinterest can be a dangerous place, I tell you. If you haven't browsed the site, I recommend staying far away--especially if you're crafty. But if you're already an addict (or you have the highest levels of self control), you might as well put the site to good use. Your kids are on winter break and … Continue reading Vacation day arts & crafts

Perfect quick vacation

For reasons I haven't quite figured out, my kids have winter break this week--right smack in the middle of our work busy seasons and two weeks after my school enjoyed winter break.Still, we wanted to squeeze in a quick getaway with the kids. The problem was, we had a lot of parameters, namely:cheapeasyclosefun for the … Continue reading Perfect quick vacation

Salmon cakes for beach bums

Winter break starts this Friday for most schools around here, and with so many people packing up for Florida, a girl can get kinda stir crazy. As a kid, winter break meant sun and beach, with loads of seafood for dinner. And since my grandmother's usual order of a "female lobster" (don't ask me what … Continue reading Salmon cakes for beach bums

Begging for chocolate, among other things

Granola Baby's entered the parroting phase. That boy says just about everything now, I tell you. The other day he added three crucial words to his budding vocabulary: 1. Target. His sad state of affairs as kid #4 means that Target is just about the most exciting place he goes. And mine too. 2. Poopy … Continue reading Begging for chocolate, among other things

Vanilla chai warmth

This cold begets creativity. In hot drinks, that is. Sometimes when I'm running toward home with icicles on my eyebrows (really!), the only thing that gets me there are thoughts of a hot coffee or tea. Today I came up with vanilla almond chai, topped with frothy milk. It's been a while since I drank … Continue reading Vanilla chai warmth