Move over Starbucks

Somewhere in between my 5(!) carpools yesterday, I had a few minutes with nothing to do but wait. **Warning: this can be dangerous anywhere near a Starbucks drive-thru. I decided to splurge on a tall latte, which rang up to $3.14. That would be $.12 more than the last time I got a Starbucks, so … Continue reading Move over Starbucks

Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch

I used to send my kids to school with a granola bar everyday just so I would be sure they wouldn't starve. The exact same granola bar. I'd extract it from the bottom of their lunch bags when it would become crushed beyond use and replace it with another one that would never be eaten … Continue reading Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch

Lentils for Parshas Toldos

I can’t promise this soup’s worth your birthright, but it’s pretty good. We eat it every year on Parshas Toldos in honor of the soup that Esau sold to Jacob. It happens to also be easy, fast and incredibly cheap to make. Esau could have saved himself a lot of trouble and made it himself. … Continue reading Lentils for Parshas Toldos

Wild rice and root vegetables for Thanksgiving

Somewhere between putting my kids to bed and sitting down to work on Monday, I glanced at the calendar on my fridge. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It's not that I didn't know the date--I just didn't realize November had flown by so fast. Since then, I … Continue reading Wild rice and root vegetables for Thanksgiving

Put your old challah to use

The first time I made my own breadcrumbs, I couldn't help but laugh at myself. I actually used to buy this?! In a matter of minutes, I can make a batch of breadcrumbs that last for weeks in my fridge. Plus they're free and taste better than those from the store. The same goes for … Continue reading Put your old challah to use

Garden zucchini bread

I'd like to say that we have a rockin' fall garden. But we don't. Every year, it's a goal to replant in late July/early August so that we can enjoy a second harvest, but summer fun gets in the way. That made this week's discovery of one lone zucchini ripened on our vine a cause … Continue reading Garden zucchini bread

If you find ’em, grab ’em!

I'll admit it. I let out a gasp and my heart gave a little leap when I spotted these dirty little tubers at Market Place on Oakton. Once they're cleaned up, peeled and roasted, sunchokes have a delicious flavor like nothing else I've ever tasted. Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, these root vegetables resemble ginger … Continue reading If you find ’em, grab ’em!