3-Day Yom Tov Plan

There's a lot to do to get ready for Rosh Hashana. Fall clothes to purchase, food to buy, menus to plan and--oh, yeah--teshuva to do. After all that, there's little time to plan more, but I'd like to humbly suggest one more plan to make all these days of cooking and eating leave us fulfilled … Continue reading 3-Day Yom Tov Plan

Kosher food on the road

There are three kinds of kosher travelers: 1. Those that head to big cities with lots of kosher restaurants. 2. Those that visit all-inclusive kosher resorts. 3. Those that shlep their own food cross country. These are the Hoi Palloi. AKA: us. The thing about bringing food on the road is that it's not nearly … Continue reading Kosher food on the road

7 weeks to a healthier home

Never mind the 10 (!) Yom Tov meals you just finished and the Cinnabon you stuffed in your mouth the minute Pesach ended. Today our kitchens are back to normal and our stomachs will be too. And if there ever was a time for a fresh start in how we feed ourselves and our families, … Continue reading 7 weeks to a healthier home

Stocking the pantry

I informed two friends last week that Trader Joe's opened in Evanston, four miles away from my house. It's so close that I pass by there on Sunday morning runs, and yet there are still plenty of people nearby who have no idea that this less-expensive-full-of-kosher-food-grocery is right under their noses. So, in their honor, … Continue reading Stocking the pantry

Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

Folks, throw away your excessive Yom Tov menus--I got your back. Here's the plan, plain and simple: 1. Go to the produce store/the farmers' market/the shuk. Buy every single thing that looks the slightest bit interesting to you, and then some. If it grows from the ground, buy it. But if you live in a … Continue reading Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

A typical Wisconsin farm stand

Why I don’t eat everything organic

We recently returned from a 24-hour date to Lake Geneva--our first escape from the kids in more than a decade. We hiked, kayaked and shopped in all the cute little stores that our kids would dread. And like every time we drive through Wisconsin, we followed one important rule: always stop at farm stands. This … Continue reading Why I don’t eat everything organic

Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Try a peach from the farmers’ market, and you’ll know why I have to ration them. They look similar to the peaches you might find at a grocery, but pick it up and it screams for you to eat it immediately. The smell is so strong, you feel like you’re walking through an orchard. And … Continue reading Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Healthy choices for healthy kids

I recently saw an 8-year-old guzzling a 2 liter bottle of bright red punch. In school my daughter made a "basket" of chocolate covered wafers, glued together with chocolate spread. She ate so much of it that she barfed. That same daughter had a frosted doughnut, a frosted cookie, candy and an edible fruit roll-up … Continue reading Healthy choices for healthy kids

7 weeks to a healthier home

The seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuos are a time of continual growth. What better time to make a commitment to healthy living? Following are seven tips for creating a healthier home that my kids and I developed. My plan is to write a few posts every week about each tip. The idea is to … Continue reading 7 weeks to a healthier home

Fresh picks

With strawberries now ripe for picking, this summer's pick-your-own season has officially begun. Now, if you're wondering why anyone would drive over an hour to pick fruit that is available right down the road at the grocery, then you've likely never had fruit picked right off the tree. It's an entirely different species. Lucky for … Continue reading Fresh picks