Frozen Passover treats

Do yourself a favor, march over to the dollar store (or if your time is money, go on Amazon), and buy yourself a few packages of popsicle molds for Pesach. Buy a bunch because they break, and use them for the rest of the spring and summer. Fill them with juice and leftover smoothies for … Continue reading Frozen Passover treats

Warm Up with Hot Drinks

Don't bother going outside today. Once you get back from where ever you are--school, work or whatever--just stay inside, where layers and drink up. HOT TODDY (makes 2 servings) 2 teaspoon honey 10 fluid ounces boiling water (most people use less water, but we don’t like it so strong) 2 shots whiskey 2 teabags (we … Continue reading Warm Up with Hot Drinks

Hot chocolate steamer

Today's one of those days when we Chicagoans wonder what in the world we are doing here. It's the kind of day when we don't stop drinking tea and prepare a hot drink for the kids after school. This recipe is modeled after the Starbucks milk steamer. My kids discovered it yesterday, and it was … Continue reading Hot chocolate steamer

Paying kids for candy

My 6-year-old started a candy business, and now his wallet is so full of cash, that we call him Mr. Money Bags. I actually borrow money from him regularly. And a savvy businessman he is. He sells his candy at 100% profit because well-meaning adults actually give him loads of candy for FREE. He then … Continue reading Paying kids for candy

Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This is me, post 8-mile run Sunday morning. Look closely, and there are icicles on my eye lashes. Yes, I am insane. (Read my post on running in winter weather, if you're curious how to manage.) Add to that, the runs I did outside last week in miserable, frigid weather, and I've been feeling chilled … Continue reading Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Banana hot chocolate

If the wintery mix pelting my face during my run yesterday wasn't enough evidence of the season's arrival in Chicago, the snow was. And while I'd be a fool to lament the winter that's inevitable, I can say this much: smoothie season is officially over. It's a good thing this hot banana chocolate is incredible. … Continue reading Banana hot chocolate

Hot cocoa to cure homework blues

It's the first five-day week since um...that's right, camp! That's two months of scrambling to pack 5 days worth of work into sometimes as little as 1 day. This week's enough to make me want to say Shehechiyanu. But for my kids? That's another story. Five full days of school, waking up at 6:45, shlepping … Continue reading Hot cocoa to cure homework blues

Cherry mocha smoothie

They say that chocolate milk is the perfect running recovery drink. I say add a little cherries, coffee and ice and then it's perfect. CHERRY MOCHA SMOOTHIE 1/2 cup of crushed ice 1/2 cup frozen cherries (you could use fresh, if you want to sit there and pit them!) 1 packet of Starbucks Via or … Continue reading Cherry mocha smoothie

All natural coffee creamer

When Zyrtec, Claritin, Sudafed and steroid nasal sprays all fail, the only thing keeping me awake this season is double the coffee. And as long as I'm feeling lousy, I might as well be pampered. This creamer took all of 2 minutes to prepare and lacks all the crazy ingredients in most store-bought flavors. MOCHA … Continue reading All natural coffee creamer

Power Smoothie Before a Fast

I have a fear of fasting. It's partly because of my coffee addiction and partly because I normally eat ALL day. I can't be sure if it's the extra calories or just the reassurance of them, but somehow eating before a sunrise fast helps me get through the day. For these shorter fasts, I always … Continue reading Power Smoothie Before a Fast