Get up and WALK!

I live in a neighborhood made for walking. The streets are narrow, everything is nearby and there isn't much parking. The only problem is that EVERYBODY drives. At camp, where nearly everyone lives within a half mile, the carpool line loops all the way around the building. For sure there are drivers from farther away, … Continue reading Get up and WALK!

Summer fast food

We've got swimming lessons EVERY evening for two weeks (I can't recommend Wildkits Aquatics at ETHS in Evanston highly enough, BTW). Add to this very full days of work and entertaining kids between school and camp, and there's not much time to make dinner. Below are a few quick dinner ideas we've been managing to … Continue reading Summer fast food

Running for a cause

My kids and I are running races two Sundays in a row. Now, before you write me off as an overzealous mom, consider the two causes that happened to fall on consecutive weeks. Last weekend's Dan Horyne Skokie Swift 5K brought together Skokie community members and hundreds of those touched by the too-short life of … Continue reading Running for a cause

FREE family fun

It took my kids 5 minutes home from school today to start fighting and less than an hour to complain of boredom. Good thing we live in a world class city. Following are 10 ideas to keep your kids busy, which just might keep you sane. You'll also create memories to last a lifetime. And … Continue reading FREE family fun