Buckeye frozen pie

There's nothing like a trip back home to Columbus to bring out the Buckeye in me. Maybe it's the Buckeye-flavored ice cream at Grater's, loaded with peanut butter and chocolate chips bigger than my mouth. Or maybe it's the Buckeye attire sported by half the people in every public venue. Even when it's not game … Continue reading Buckeye frozen pie


Food for the road

As a kid, we spent a lot of time on the road, traveling either to Hilton Head for vacation or Detroit to visit family. My parents knew how to travel in style too--RV and all. We'd play games, listen to Neil Diamond and Harry Chapin, and of course, stuff our faces with gas station food … Continue reading Food for the road

Lotsa Latkes

A friend once raised an eyebrow at me when I mentioned that I'm making latkes tonight for Chanukah. "You'll eat latkes?" he asked incredulously. As a matter of fact I do, thanks to a simple rule espoused by Michael Pollan: if my great grandmother would recognize it as food, then it's fair game. Now, I … Continue reading Lotsa Latkes

Homemade coffee creamer

You know those flavored coffee creamers at the grocery?  French vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Chocolate caramel...they all look delicious. Unless you're like me, and you read the fine print. No, thanks. And no problem. Here's how I make my own. CHOCOLATE ALMOND COFFEE CREAMER 1 cup milk, heavy cream or almond milk (depending on how … Continue reading Homemade coffee creamer

Amazon’s poster child

If Amazon had a poster child, I might be it. Except that the site exists for the millions of other moms like me. Even when I'm on my way out to Target and remember my baby needs new pacifiers, I stop at my computer to quickly buy them with "one click." That's right, I'm so … Continue reading Amazon’s poster child

Produce store adventures

My latest food shopping adventure has been to buy a new vegetable each week. Lucky for me, the immigrant population in Chicago means that any decent produce store is stocked with veggies I not only have never tried, but I can't even pronounce. The stores are also full of employees from cultures steeped in home … Continue reading Produce store adventures

Waffles for dinner

If I could go back and tweak our wedding registry, there are a few items I could do without. That Nambe bowl that everyone my age owns? No thanks. And the enormous mixer that takes up half of any decent-sized kitchen counter? I brought that back to Bed, Bath & Beyond ages ago. But the … Continue reading Waffles for dinner