Loads of dairy for Shavuot

If the dairy meals on Shavuot scare you, let me make this simple. Start with butter, add some veggies, salt, pepper and a bit of lemon, cook them until they are just cooked and voila! You've got the best tasting food in town. If you need a bit more specific recipes, here's a few. You … Continue reading Loads of dairy for Shavuot

Beer Chicken & Other Granola Grills

Whether grilling for Lag BaOmer this weekend, Memorial Day or all summer, this beer chicken is what you'll want to serve. And then pair it with every sort of vegetable in your fridge. There's hardly anything that doesn't taste fabulous with a little oil, salt and pepper on the grill, even plantains. There's no recipe … Continue reading Beer Chicken & Other Granola Grills

Paying kids for candy

My 6-year-old started a candy business, and now his wallet is so full of cash, that we call him Mr. Money Bags. I actually borrow money from him regularly. And a savvy businessman he is. He sells his candy at 100% profit because well-meaning adults actually give him loads of candy for FREE. He then … Continue reading Paying kids for candy