When Life Hands You Lemons…

Last Shabbos, we counted 20 things that broke in our home this year, totaling some $20,000 in repairs. Ouch. The latest mishap was when we installed a flood control device in our front yard only to find out that the entire pipe under our home needs replaced. The next day, when the oven broke (for … Continue reading When Life Hands You Lemons…

A Facebook Diet for Unity

There are no words to describe the indescribable. For those that have been able to record their thoughts on Israel right now, I applaud them. There's been a lot of inspiration spread through those posts of strength during one of the most volatile and difficult times for the Jewish people in recent memory. There's been … Continue reading A Facebook Diet for Unity

Grilled Cedar Salmon Burgers

With this glorious weather in Chicago this summer (we deserve it!) there's no sense in spending time in the kitchen. With the grill, I can cook Thursday night dinner and Shabbos dinner without ever entering the kitchen. And as for Shabbos lunch? Salmon burgers with miso dressing. You could grill these directly on the grates, … Continue reading Grilled Cedar Salmon Burgers

Vacation is only a few miles away

There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter Hell and Summer Sewage. After two floods in fewer than 10 days and the sticker shock of how much money it will take to prevent a third--I needed a vacation. I found my oasis yesterday in the Skokie Lagoons. I've rented canoes there a lot with the kids … Continue reading Vacation is only a few miles away

Healthy ‘American’ pie

There are loads of ideas for fun 4th of July activities and crafts for families online. Most of the desserts, though, contain lots of sugar and food coloring. This one is full of fruit, whole grains and uses less refined sugar. Happy 4th! Enjoy! FRUIT PIZZA 'AMERICAN PIE' For the crust: 2 cups whole wheat … Continue reading Healthy ‘American’ pie