Downtown scavenger hunt

What do you do when your trip to Chinatown via the Metra train and water taxi doesn't work out? Take the water taxi to Michigan Avenue, of course. But when your kids have already done that trip a half dozen times, it takes a little creativity and a lot of friends to make it worthwhile. … Continue reading Downtown scavenger hunt

Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

Folks, throw away your excessive Yom Tov menus--I got your back. Here's the plan, plain and simple: 1. Go to the produce store/the farmers' market/the shuk. Buy every single thing that looks the slightest bit interesting to you, and then some. If it grows from the ground, buy it. But if you live in a … Continue reading Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

Chocolate frozen berries

See this chard? We watered it this morning. It's too darn hot. But if outside isn't hot enough, imagine sitting on a school bus today. I can count on my kids coming in drenched and crabby today. Good thing kids tend to be more resilient. And good thing this frozen treat took 2 minutes to … Continue reading Chocolate frozen berries

Taking stock this year

Seems Rosh Hashanah came up and smacked me right in the face this year. While the previous month of Elul is meant to be a time of introspection, I was busy vacationing, catching up on work because of my vacation and getting kids ready for school. That leaves me here, 4 days into the aseres … Continue reading Taking stock this year

Apple cinnamon muffins for a sweet New Year

School is here, and Granola Kids are hanging up their chefs hats. Lucky for you, the new school year comes just in time for Rosh Hashana. With the little bakers back in their assigned seats, they're happy to share their awesome muffin recipe with you. They've replaced the chocolate chips with apple chunks, added a … Continue reading Apple cinnamon muffins for a sweet New Year