My big lunch box plans

If there's any mom out there who enjoys making lunches, I'd like to meet her. And then I won't believe her. Here's how lunch making has gone down at our house in the past: Bleary eyed after working too late, I head to the kitchen to spend 20 minutes preparing 4 lunches before bed. I … Continue reading My big lunch box plans

Lazy American sushi salad

Whatever you do, don't let any of your authentic sushi-loving friends know you made this salad. It's just too embarrassing. Only Americans could dream up a cheater's version to homemade sushi. But it's really good. And it's really easy. The best part about it? I don't have to watch my kids tear apart the expensive … Continue reading Lazy American sushi salad

Our vacation home & boat

We checked out of this town last week for six days of camping in the woods of Door County, bringing everything we could possibly need--kayak and all. Now, if sleeping in a tent sounds crazy, consider these highlights of the week: My 5-yr.-old woke at 3AM to go to the bathroom one night (yes, there … Continue reading Our vacation home & boat

Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

It's hard to ruin food on a grill. I can assure you, after eating a week's worth of grilled dinners during our family camping trip last week, there wasn't one night that the meal didn't taste fabulous. Sure, there are those who will insist that grilling is an art. You've seen them before. They're the … Continue reading Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

Sun tea on Shabbos

Maybe it actually only happened once, but in my mind's eye, my mother had sun tea out on our back deck all the time. I think of her every time we make the tea on Shabbos. No worries about Shabbos laws of first, second or third vessels here--all this refreshing summer drink takes is sun, … Continue reading Sun tea on Shabbos

Buckeye peanut butter balls

Call them what you like. Anyone from Columbus, Ohio knows that a peanut butter ball dipped in chocolate is a buckeye. We also know they're irresistible. But then I made them myself years ago and realized how much butter or margarine and sugar it takes to make these tasty little peanut butter balls. I've since … Continue reading Buckeye peanut butter balls

Putting the kids to work

Once upon a time I had the world's greatest cleaning lady. She cleaned my house in 4 hours, with my 4-yr.-old "helping" and my baby hanging on her leg. When he got tired of hanging, she'd bounce him on her hip with one hand and wash the dishes with the other. And did I mention … Continue reading Putting the kids to work

‘Gearing’ up for vacation

With the last week of camp upon us, most of my neighborhood is gearing up for vacation. This place turn into a ghost town in mid August. For our family, that means one thing: camping! Now, before you write me off as once again up to my granola antics, hear me out. While camping may … Continue reading ‘Gearing’ up for vacation