Fun and cheap vacation

I can't remember ever needing a vacation as badly as I do this summer. To me, that means somewhere quiet, spotty internet service, water and hiking. And for accommodations? Our tent. Now, before you write me off as once again up to my granola antics, hear me out. While camping may not be for everyone, … Continue reading Fun and cheap vacation

FREE family fun

It took my kids 5 minutes home from school today to start fighting and less than an hour to complain of boredom. Good thing we live in a world class city. Following are 10 ideas to keep your kids busy, which just might keep you sane. You'll also create memories to last a lifetime. And … Continue reading FREE family fun

7 weeks to a healthier home

Never mind the 10 (!) Yom Tov meals you just finished and the Cinnabon you stuffed in your mouth the minute Pesach ended. Today our kitchens are back to normal and our stomachs will be too. And if there ever was a time for a fresh start in how we feed ourselves and our families, … Continue reading 7 weeks to a healthier home

School lunch plan

Not sure what I dread more when a new school year comes around: homework or packing lunches. Both take up time I don't have, and neither seem to do much good for my kids. For the homework, my plan is to pass off the problem to two high school kids--one who I am hiring to … Continue reading School lunch plan

Soft pretzel shopping cure

Don't ever go to the mall on the Sunday before school starts no matter what your kids need for the new year. Not even if your kids will have to go to class barefoot. And not even if Rosh Hashanah starts the week after school begins. You know that Shabbos dress your daughter's been wearing … Continue reading Soft pretzel shopping cure

Counting Stars & Blessings

There are no traffic lights in much of Door County, WI. There are hardly any chain restaurants or big box stores. There isn't even much WIFI. What's there are endless beaches, hiking trails, countless boats, and five bikes for every one car. And stars. Millions of 'em. There's nothing like starring up at a starry … Continue reading Counting Stars & Blessings

City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Bet you didn't know that arguably the best biking and running path--after the Lakefront--is right here in West Rogers Park. I once didn't, and I lived two blocks away. Or maybe you noticed bikers and runners heading under the Lincoln Avenue bridge while you were stopped at the light on Kedzie. But did you explore … Continue reading City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Healthy choices for healthy kids

I recently saw an 8-year-old guzzling a 2 liter bottle of bright red punch. In school my daughter made a "basket" of chocolate covered wafers, glued together with chocolate spread. She ate so much of it that she barfed. That same daughter had a frosted doughnut, a frosted cookie, candy and an edible fruit roll-up … Continue reading Healthy choices for healthy kids

7 weeks to a healthier home

The seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuos are a time of continual growth. What better time to make a commitment to healthy living? Following are seven tips for creating a healthier home that my kids and I developed. My plan is to write a few posts every week about each tip. The idea is to … Continue reading 7 weeks to a healthier home

The gift of time

On Friday I got the rare gift of time. As a working mother of 4, those moments when I have nothing urgent in the next moment are infrequent, to say the least. I don't dare complain because I suspect there will come a time when I will look back on these bustling years longingly. But … Continue reading The gift of time