Running for a cause

My kids and I are running races two Sundays in a row. Now, before you write me off as an overzealous mom, consider the two causes that happened to fall on consecutive weeks. Last weekend's Dan Horyne Skokie Swift 5K brought together Skokie community members and hundreds of those touched by the too-short life of … Continue reading Running for a cause

Pizza bites

Whether next week will find you as the football party type or the bake-with-your-kids-on-vacation type, this recipe is for you. The dough is easy to make in a food processor, and you can use your slave labor little people to make the stuffed balls of dough. You just might want to double the recipe, though. … Continue reading Pizza bites

Downtown scavenger hunt

What do you do when your trip to Chinatown via the Metra train and water taxi doesn't work out? Take the water taxi to Michigan Avenue, of course. But when your kids have already done that trip a half dozen times, it takes a little creativity and a lot of friends to make it worthwhile. … Continue reading Downtown scavenger hunt

Chocolate frozen berries

See this chard? We watered it this morning. It's too darn hot. But if outside isn't hot enough, imagine sitting on a school bus today. I can count on my kids coming in drenched and crabby today. Good thing kids tend to be more resilient. And good thing this frozen treat took 2 minutes to … Continue reading Chocolate frozen berries

Soft pretzel shopping cure

Don't ever go to the mall on the Sunday before school starts no matter what your kids need for the new year. Not even if your kids will have to go to class barefoot. And not even if Rosh Hashanah starts the week after school begins. You know that Shabbos dress your daughter's been wearing … Continue reading Soft pretzel shopping cure

Counting Stars & Blessings

There are no traffic lights in much of Door County, WI. There are hardly any chain restaurants or big box stores. There isn't even much WIFI. What's there are endless beaches, hiking trails, countless boats, and five bikes for every one car. And stars. Millions of 'em. There's nothing like starring up at a starry … Continue reading Counting Stars & Blessings

What I have learned from biking

See this bike? I want it. I'm not getting it, but I think I deserve it after yesterday's 16 miles of errands on my bike. You might think that 16 miles isn't that much, but when you're pulling an average of 100lbs., it surely is. By the end of the day, my legs felt like … Continue reading What I have learned from biking

What I learned from gardening

I was 20 when I tasted my first garden tomato. That's right, 20. I was visiting a friend in Indiana, and she sent me home with two pints of fresh-off-the-vine cherry tomatoes. Three hours later, I had no more tomatoes and a stomachache to prove it. But, at least I'd been bitten by the gardening … Continue reading What I learned from gardening

Seeking out precious moments

I took my 8 year old on Chicago's Navy Pier Ferris wheel this past Sunday. With three other kids, running club, tae kwan do, soccer and a birthday party--I had to jump over a number of hurdles to get just the two of us alone on that ride. But for my only kid who asks … Continue reading Seeking out precious moments

Pick your pumpkin…and your farm

Something about seeking a spectacular chol hamoed activity that also happens to be inexpensive and not too far away turns me into the kind of indecisive woman I despise. This Sukkos was no exception. I kid you not, I spent a full hour researching pumpkin farms. And I already had a list of farms in … Continue reading Pick your pumpkin…and your farm