If Amazon had a poster child, I might be it. Except that the site exists for the millions of other moms like me. Even when I’m on my way out to Target and remember my baby needs new pacifiers, I stop at my computer to quickly buy them with “one click.” That’s right, I’m so busy (or so lazy) that it’s faster to stop by my computer than it is to walk over to the baby section in a big box store.

Even as I write this, UPS is outside dropping off my “presents.”

Today, however, I had a lapse in judgement. Lured by a coupon for an in-store purchase only, I actually drove 10 minutes to a big box store. I parked a mile from the entrance, shlepped in my baby in the old-school (read “heavy”) car seat, and wandered the store for nearly 10 minutes before giving up and searching for the nowhere-to-be-found store clerk. When I finally found an employee, she looked at me like I was a fool. “You have to look online for that item to find which stores carry it. Or you could just buy it online.”

Oh yeah, what was I thinking? I returned home and made my purchase on Amazon. The tax I saved was the same as the coupon. And free shipping, of course

For my dear friends who are still scavenging around town for items they’re not likely to find (yes, there are still people out there who exclusively shop in stores!), let me introduce you to my good friend, Amazon.

1. Sign into your Amazon account (create one, if you don’t have one)
2. Go to “Amazon mom” and sign up. This will give you free 2-day shipping (no, you won’t have to pay for the service) and I think, discounts on diapers and wipes (ask someone who uses disposables).
3. Sit in your pajamas, shop ’til you drop, and all of the sudden, buying laundry detergent is fun!
4. Sign up for Subscribe & Save for items that you use regularly, like detergent or diapers. This will give you an even bigger percentage off and deliver items right to your door when you’re about to run out. You can cancel it before the next shipment, anyway.

2 thoughts on “Amazon’s poster child

  1. this is hysterical. because i buy everything on amazon. including pacifiers that i bought on amazon last night instead of going to target 🙂

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