Candied pecans for a sweet New Year

I like to save sugar for dessert, but sweet potatoes topped with candied pecans are a festive (and delicious!) addition to the Rosh HaShana spread. I first tried this version at my sister, Julie's house--the pecans don't require much brown sugar to coat them, and the sweet potatoes are so packed with flavor, they don't … Continue reading Candied pecans for a sweet New Year

Herb stuffed chicken

Three three-day yom tovs equals 18 meals. For those friends of mine who aren't accustomed to observant Jewish life, that's like cooking (and eating) 18 Thanksgiving meals. In three weeks. As we scurry to make menu, after menu, after menu--we're all inevitably thinking, "How many times can we eat chicken?" Alas, here's a chicken dish … Continue reading Herb stuffed chicken

‘Chipsy soup’ for Shabbos

My four-year-old is on a dinner strike lately--even refusing noodles and cheese tonight, while the rest of us enjoyed pasta with pesto and feta. So when he requested "chipsy soup" for Shabbos, you bet I was going to make it. Tortilla soup (topped with chips) may not be the most traditional of Shabbos foods. But … Continue reading ‘Chipsy soup’ for Shabbos

No complaints

It's the Jewish month of Elul, which in these parts, means t'shuva, or repentance. Or, for an easier translation to swallow--returning to our higher selves. In an effort to accomplish something in the spirit of the season, I've decided to stop complaining. My complaints had reached a level where I would complain to my husband, … Continue reading No complaints

A handful of spinach

Let's face it. Not every night around here is as nutritious and delicious as I would like. Sometimes, pasta and ready-made marinara sauce is the best I can do. But, I have a secret ingredient that makes me feel better and even tastes good: spinach. Before you wrinkle your nose at this leafy green, try … Continue reading A handful of spinach

A runner’s heart

Fourteen years ago I set out determined to become a runner. I didn't have the skill or even what I imagined to be the body shape for the sport, but I had what I didn't know then (and I know now) was the most important asset: a runner's heart. And I don't mean I was … Continue reading A runner’s heart

Ban trans fat?

That's just what Illinois has done with legislation passed in April banning trans fat in restaurants beginning in 2013. The ban, however, doesn't cover pre-packaged foods, and this is what is rampant in the Orthodox Jewish community. Many families cook with margarine, and all the bakeries use shortening. All of the heimishe brands--even their whole … Continue reading Ban trans fat?

Fish tacos in 5 (okay, maybe 10) minutes

After summer's last hurrah at the pool yesterday, we arrived home at 5:30PM on what was the first school night of the year. I sent my 8-yr.-old to watch the baby and hoped it would last for 5 minutes so that I could throw dinner together. The perfect grub in 5-10 minutes? Fish tacos. For … Continue reading Fish tacos in 5 (okay, maybe 10) minutes