Easy, delicious tofu

There's a perfect way to make just about any food, and I've read whole articles about omelets to prove it. I'm not that kind of cook. And I don't even aspire to be. Working moms of 4 can't also be gourmet chefs. Besides, I've got a lot of running, biking and playing that I would … Continue reading Easy, delicious tofu

Allergic to sugar

My kid is allergic to sugar. His symptoms may vary: sometimes it makes him hyperactive. Sometimes it makes him tired. Some amounts give him a tummy ache. Some kinds of sugar can cause a reaction where his whole mouth turns red, purple, green or blue. Always it makes him whiny and too full to eat … Continue reading Allergic to sugar

Sunday morning goodness

It won't take much for this week to prove better than last. The aggravation of seeing our basement turn into a giant toilet bowl (thanks to Chicago's sewer system in a flood) paled in comparison to what our nation experienced. But just to be sure we start this week off on the right foot, we … Continue reading Sunday morning goodness

Best pizza I’ve ever eaten

I picked up The Smitten Kitchen cookbook by Deb Perelman at the library this week, and we've never eaten so well in our lives because of it. After tonight's pizza and leek fritters, my husband insists I buy the book, no matter the cost ($21.93 on Amazon, in case you're curious). I didn't make her … Continue reading Best pizza I’ve ever eaten

Chocolate almond butter cups

Of all my 7 steps to a healthier home, getting rid of trans fat is the easiest one. Word has gotten out that no amount of trans fat (aka partially hydrogenated oils) is good for you, and food manufacturers have replaced the margarine with other oils. Much of the Orthodox community, however, lags behind. Many … Continue reading Chocolate almond butter cups

When did breakfast become dessert?

It's post Pesach, and you've got a plan to start eating healthier. So let's start with breakfast. Yogurt and oatmeal are healthy, right? It depends. Turns out most yogurt and oatmeal that American's eat is actually dessert. Just this past week on Pesach, I accidentally bought coffee yogurt instead of plain. Now, keep in mind, … Continue reading When did breakfast become dessert?

7 weeks to a healthier home

The seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuos are a time of continual growth. What better time to make a commitment to healthy living? Following are seven tips for creating a healthier home that my kids and I developed. My plan is to write a few posts every week about each tip. The idea is to … Continue reading 7 weeks to a healthier home