Homemade lemonade and popsicles too

If you've never tasted homemade lemonade, you haven't tasted summer. Problem is, when my kids want lemonade, they want it NOW! They're not interested in waiting for the sugar to dissolve in boiling water and then cool down in the fridge before I add the lemon. Good thing Agave syrup dissolves in water right away. … Continue reading Homemade lemonade and popsicles too


Farmers’ markets open this week

Try a peach from the farmers' market, and you'll know why I have to ration them. They look similar to the peaches you might find at a grocery, but pick it up and it screams for you to eat it immediately. The smell is so strong, you feel like you're walking through an orchard. And … Continue reading Farmers’ markets open this week

Raising readers

Each week I fill my arms with as many books as I can carry from the library, so many that I recently bought a piece of furniture to store them. Okay, so it's really supposed to be a gardening bucket, but I'm not taking this adorable piece out to my filthy garden. New library books … Continue reading Raising readers

Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

As far as I'm concerned, for all that the upcoming holiday, Shavuos, lacks in detailed laws, it makes up for it in delicious foods. I'll take a buttery, broiled filet of fish over a roast any day. Our main course on Shavuos always features fish, coupled with a salad of greens, topped with feta cheese. … Continue reading Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

Smoothie Cones for Shavuos

I've heard in more than one class on Jewish thought that life is like an escalator. We're constantly moving along, either up or down. If we're not growing, than we're more likely to be descending than remaining stagnant. I've seen it in my own life in spirituality, and certainly that's the message of counting the … Continue reading Smoothie Cones for Shavuos

Getting out to garden

Gardening has become a Mother's Day tradition around here, thanks to Chicago's late spring and the let's-do-what-mommy-wants theme of the day. Even in years where we've had obstacles--like an overdue baby or inclement weather--we've managed to get a few plants in the ground. This year, it meant planting (and planning) around 8 carpools. Aided by … Continue reading Getting out to garden

Sick day soup

Never mind the Tiffany's, Saks and Nordstrom now prominent in Columbus, Ohio malls. I remember the days when to find a decent dress in my hometown you had to go to...Cincinnati. And as for fancy restaurants? Not so many. Think Bob Evans, Big Boy, Denny's and Friendly's. So recently when the only food I wanted … Continue reading Sick day soup