Jewel, who needs you?

With the amount of food I buy at the farmers' market, produce store, Trader Joes and a bulk food store--I've been spending less and less time in Jewel these days. But this past Friday finally put me over the edge. Perhaps it was the $4.29 bag of Lays potato chips, the $4.99 tub of yogurt … Continue reading Jewel, who needs you?

Cherishing what matters

I'm still flying from Wednesday night's lecture from Chief Rabbi of England Lord Jonathan Sacks. He's more eloquent than any speaker I can recall hearing in person (the accent helps!), his breadth of Torah knowledge is comparable to the giants of our generation and his wisdom in chochmah matches the great thinkers in academia. Combine … Continue reading Cherishing what matters

Foolproof pot pie

Last night I celebrated a rite of passage. I burnt the pot pie for dinner. Though mine may have had tofu instead of chicken, I nonetheless proudly stood among the ranks of housewives who have come before me--those hard working moms who spent the afternoon rolling out the dough, sauteing the veggies and stirring the … Continue reading Foolproof pot pie

Fall for coffee

Remember that Folger's commercial where the parents roll out of bed only when they smell the coffee? As a working mother of 4, that's basically the scene around here. Only I'm the one usually making the coffee. And no one's allowed to start nagging before I get to drink it. Sure, I like Starbucks as … Continue reading Fall for coffee

Monday night miso

My cupboards are still bare, post Yom Tov, and my fridge is looking even worse. That's the typical state of affairs around here on a Monday, which made last night the perfect evening for miso soup. It's just about the easiest soup I make and includes ingredients I always have in stock. I buy miso … Continue reading Monday night miso

Granola Baby’s first eats

Like the siblings who came before him, Granola Baby will have nothing to do with jarred baby food mush. Try as I might to spoon feed him rice cereal, squash, carrots, pears, name it, the baby's lips are sealed. And then, just as I was about to write him off as a bad eater, … Continue reading Granola Baby’s first eats

Coming up for air on Isru Chag

In spite of the dark, I had an extra bounce in my step when I set out to run at 6:40 this morning. It was a feeling of coming up for air after three days of Yom Tov, third time around. (After havdalah last night, I made my family applaud my 16/18 homemade meals from … Continue reading Coming up for air on Isru Chag

Start with soup

We've started every Yom Tov meal this year so far with soup (12, for those who are counting) and plan to start with soup for the upcoming six as well. Aside from gefilte fish, which we don't eat, soup is just about the easiest and cheapest first course. After the pumpkin soup in its shell, … Continue reading Start with soup

Favorite fall squash soup

Pumpkin soup from a previous post always give my kids a thrill, making it worth preparing at least once a year. But most weeks, I only have time to throw together a butternut squash soup that is just as yummy. I start with a whole butternut squash, which is the least unwieldy members of the … Continue reading Favorite fall squash soup

Meat (and wine) for Simchas Yom Tov

For most of us, it just wouldn't be Yom Tov without a brisket. And a roast. And meatballs. And a few 8-piece chickens. And that's just the first day. With so many three-day Yom Tov's, there comes a point where the meat becomes too gluttonous (and too expensive!). Here are some ways our family tries … Continue reading Meat (and wine) for Simchas Yom Tov