Summer peach cake

I had a thought to make peach pie with this week's farmers' market peaches. And then I remembered how much I dislike making pie. So I cheated. All the benefits of a delicious peach dessert with only 1 bowl, no rolling pin and no need for even a hand mixer. And the prep time is … Continue reading Summer peach cake

Mocha slushy, please

I should be weaning myself off of caffeine. Except that every time I think about skipping my two cups of coffee during this Sunday's fast, I want more. And with yesterday's heat, that translated into a mocha slushy. Think Starbucks meets 7/11. Minus the fake flavors, $4 and 800 calories. Why start my headache now, … Continue reading Mocha slushy, please

Enticing kids to try new foods

I'll let you in on a secret. I know how to tempt kids into trying new foods. My methods aren't foolproof, but they work on my kids. And their friends. And timid adults. 1. Bribery. I've told you about that one. Taste the meal and you get extra dessert. Even if you've tasted it before … Continue reading Enticing kids to try new foods

Anniversary blog

It's been one year since starting this blog and adopting what has since become my alter ego. In honor of the occasion, I'm reposting a few granola recipes... This is Granoladox, after all. Thanks to everyone for reading! Granola: My every morning breakfast. Chocolate chip granola bars: A staple in our house. Carrot cake granola … Continue reading Anniversary blog

More than 9 ways for 9 days

Forget about frozen pizzas and fish sticks. Vegan and dairy dinners can be the healthiest, yummiest and yes, most filling of all. We may abstain from meat for the 9 days, but that doesn't mean denying your family good, hearty food. Lucky for you, this blog is chock full of all you can eat in … Continue reading More than 9 ways for 9 days

Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Last week was July 11, and every kid knows that means free slurpees. Including mine. And since I'm not a vigilante, I took them to our local 7/11 to slurp down a sugary, artificially flavored and artificially colored treat, red teeth and all. Then we redeemed ourselves, biking to the farmers' market in Evanston. We … Continue reading Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Ahoy, Matey!

Well, shiver me timbers! Today was me most swashblucklin' day of me life. Since I'm a big lad of 5, I asked me parents for a pirate party. They invited over a few of me mates to search for booty and even walk the plank. We painted parrots, searched me yard for gold and tackled … Continue reading Ahoy, Matey!