‘Running’ Errands

If I feel like I'm always running, it's because I am. Today I had to figure out how to prepare for Shabbos--when we'll be hosting sheva brachos--run some errands and take care of my baby. And the only thing I wanted to do? Run. That meant I did it all, while running. With Granola Baby … Continue reading ‘Running’ Errands

The No Car Challenge

If you live in my neighborhood, you've probably seen me. I'm the Mama Duck on a bike with a baby in the trailer and three more ducklings trailing on bikes behind me. We get around the neighborhood this way from spring through fall, biking to any place within 2 miles. I have friends and strangers … Continue reading The No Car Challenge

Quick summer fixins

My head is still spinning from the previous two weeks. No school, no camp, loads of work, 2 weddings, 2 charity dinners, a half marathon and more. Phew! I'm just beginning to get my life back together. We managed to spend 5 days at the pool and one day at the beach with "Camp Mommy." … Continue reading Quick summer fixins

Sneaky mama for picky kids

No school + no camp yet = no time. Sure, we're having fun, but I hardly have time to breathe, let alone cook and eat. For lunch, we're feasting on smoothies. And at breakfast. And for snacks. And sometimes for dinner, too. Good thing they're full of good eats. Lately, I've been sneaking spinach into … Continue reading Sneaky mama for picky kids

Live music and groovin’ babes

Granola Baby reminds me of my Papa. Not only because Papa is our baby's namesake and he was born on his birthday (the same birthday as our oldest daughter, as well!), but he looks a little like him too. He's got the same blue eyes that twinkle when he makes the same funny "O" shape … Continue reading Live music and groovin’ babes

Fresh picks

With strawberries now ripe for picking, this summer's pick-your-own season has officially begun. Now, if you're wondering why anyone would drive over an hour to pick fruit that is available right down the road at the grocery, then you've likely never had fruit picked right off the tree. It's an entirely different species. Lucky for … Continue reading Fresh picks

Family races

Running kinda runs in my family. My older sister was the first one of us to start, and for as long as I can remember, there's nothing she's ever done halfheartedly. With a young family and a job at the Department of Justice, she finds time to train as an elite athlete and professionally coach … Continue reading Family races