Dinner Guest Post from Granola Girl

My 9-year-old just submitted her favorite dinner recipe to the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge & Kids’ State Dinner with the hopes of winning an invitation to The White House. Not likely, but if it were up to me, she'd win. Here's her post: My name is Adina. I'm in fourth grade. My family eats really healthy. … Continue reading Dinner Guest Post from Granola Girl

Why the Environment Should Matter to Orthodox Jews

Our family's not the perfect environmentalists, but we have the best intentions. We bike for transportation when the weather is tolerable, we recycle everything we can, we buy organic products and our last kid wore cloth diapers. If we had more time and money, we'd install greener electronic products, some solar panels and eat even … Continue reading Why the Environment Should Matter to Orthodox Jews

Breaking Away

While biking for transportation might not be for everyone, biking for recreation should be. Biking with the family is a blast. Even if you haven't taken a ride in years, Chicago's landscape is entirely flat, and you know what they say about learning to ride a bike... Below is a list of some great nearby places … Continue reading Breaking Away

Morning After Flapjacks

On the morning after Passover, all I managed to scrounge up was a half cup of flour. But I did find an unopened bag of Old Fashioned Oats--perfect for flapjacks. There's a lot of debate over what differentiates a pancake from a flapjack, but in our house it comes down to the oats. If there's … Continue reading Morning After Flapjacks