Stocking the pantry

I informed two friends last week that Trader Joe's opened in Evanston, four miles away from my house. It's so close that I pass by there on Sunday morning runs, and yet there are still plenty of people nearby who have no idea that this less-expensive-full-of-kosher-food-grocery is right under their noses. So, in their honor, … Continue reading Stocking the pantry

Last minute edible gifts

Celebrating this week or not, there's hardly anyone who won't be gift giving to family, colleagues or even the cleaning lady. If you haven't gotten something together yet, or if you need to beef up a present you already purchased, there's nothing like homemade goodies. And since you're already running late here, I've sorted through … Continue reading Last minute edible gifts

Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This is me, post 8-mile run Sunday morning. Look closely, and there are icicles on my eye lashes. Yes, I am insane. (Read my post on running in winter weather, if you're curious how to manage.) Add to that, the runs I did outside last week in miserable, frigid weather, and I've been feeling chilled … Continue reading Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

One-minute cake

Maybe you don't have a lot of time. Maybe you're on a diet and only want a small treat. Or maybe you want to limit the amount of cake crumbs available for little people to scatter around the house. For us, the best reason for making this chocolate cake is the one-minute wait. Just … Continue reading One-minute cake