Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

As far as I'm concerned, for all that the upcoming holiday, Shavuos, lacks in detailed laws, it makes up for it in delicious foods. I'll take a buttery, broiled filet of fish over a roast any day. Our main course on Shavuos always features fish, coupled with a salad of greens, topped with feta cheese. … Continue reading Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

Granola for Pesach

You didn't think I would go through Pesach without granola, did you? Not when the only thing to eat for breakfast is yogurt, eggs and scary Passover cereal. Yogurt and eggs are fine, but I like to stay full 'til lunch. Granola-sans-oats isn't quite up to par with the real thing, but it's pretty close. … Continue reading Granola for Pesach

Morning After Flapjacks

On the morning after Passover, all I managed to scrounge up was a half cup of flour. But I did find an unopened bag of Old Fashioned Oats--perfect for flapjacks. There's a lot of debate over what differentiates a pancake from a flapjack, but in our house it comes down to the oats. If there's … Continue reading Morning After Flapjacks

Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

This is me, post 8-mile run Sunday morning. Look closely, and there are icicles on my eye lashes. Yes, I am insane. (Read my post on running in winter weather, if you're curious how to manage.) Add to that, the runs I did outside last week in miserable, frigid weather, and I've been feeling chilled … Continue reading Cold’s Antidote: Hot Toddy & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Easy pumpkin waffles

Pumpkin waffles might seem like fall-season foods gone overboard, but then you must have never made a recipe with canned pumpkin. Rare is the pumpkin recipe that uses more than half a can of pumpkin, leaving lonesome cups of pumpkin puree regularly in my fridge. Just the sight of them begets creativity. And once in … Continue reading Easy pumpkin waffles

Apple cinnamon muffins for a sweet New Year

School is here, and Granola Kids are hanging up their chefs hats. Lucky for you, the new school year comes just in time for Rosh Hashana. With the little bakers back in their assigned seats, they're happy to share their awesome muffin recipe with you. They've replaced the chocolate chips with apple chunks, added a … Continue reading Apple cinnamon muffins for a sweet New Year

Granola Kids Bakery Today

Granola Kids are back in business today, with our head baker back from overnight camp. Let these kiddos do your baking while you sit on the beach. These treats are healthy enough to eat for breakfast, but yummy enough that your kids will consider them dessert. Most ingredients are organic, eggs are cage free and … Continue reading Granola Kids Bakery Today