Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Just back from a week in the Smoky Mountains, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Our annual family camping trip is always a highlight, but our adventure last week was over the top. Recorded for posterity below is our day-by-day adventures, which you can read if you're like my mom, who's willing to listen … Continue reading Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Garden glory

We pretty much ate exclusively from the garden last Shabbos, as we should in mid-August. Put enough money and time into the backyard, and with a little luck, you get to reap the rewards, literally. The garden prize goes to the potatoes. You know those gross "eyes" that grow out of old potatoes? Well, you … Continue reading Garden glory

Kosher food on the road

There are three kinds of kosher travelers: 1. Those that head to big cities with lots of kosher restaurants. 2. Those that visit all-inclusive kosher resorts. 3. Those that shlep their own food cross country. These are the Hoi Palloi. AKA: us. The thing about bringing food on the road is that it's not nearly … Continue reading Kosher food on the road

Fun and cheap vacation

I can't remember ever needing a vacation as badly as I do this summer. To me, that means somewhere quiet, spotty internet service, water and hiking. And for accommodations? Our tent. Now, before you write me off as once again up to my granola antics, hear me out. While camping may not be for everyone, … Continue reading Fun and cheap vacation