Mint’s bounty

Last year we planted two varieties of mint--chocolate mint and spearmint. And now we've got mint spreading so rapidly I'm afraid it might march right up and plant itself in my family room. You're wondering what one would do with so much mint? I've got a few ideas. If you'd like to try them, PLEASE, … Continue reading Mint’s bounty

Pizza on Shabbos?

A throwback to my college days of hanging out with a bunch of vegans--this one's a real crowd pleaser. Nearly every Shabbos this summer, we've been enjoying homemade pizza oozing with tomato sauce and roasted vegetables. Kids, single guys, even guests who warily join our "heavy on the veggie" home, take a slice (or several!). … Continue reading Pizza on Shabbos?

Find the best parking spot every time

Like any good American woman, I spend a significant portion of my income (and time!) at Target. Today, after wandering the store for too long, I had only 15 minutes to pay before camp pick up. Seven minutes later, I was still in line. When I finally paid, I rushed out the door and walked … Continue reading Find the best parking spot every time

U-Pick tomatoes

I once heard second hand that a rabbi advised that every kid should have a garden. In our fast-paced, digitized culture there is a lesson for children that can only be learned from a garden. Plant a seed, put a little bit of effort into it every day and in a few months you will … Continue reading U-Pick tomatoes

Monday summer smoothies

By Monday morning my cupboards are bare, and my fridge looks even worse. I'm never sure how we managed to devour the bags full of produce from the farmers' market already, but every week we do. Combine that with the late starts that are inevitable on Mondays, and smoothies for lunch becomes an absolute necessity. … Continue reading Monday summer smoothies

Giving my food processor the counter space it deserves

Last Chanukah I decided I was absolutely never grating another potato by hand. So, despite my resistance to adding another appliance to my tiny kitchen, I splurged on a food processor (it was around my anniversary, after all). My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Here are five reasons I keep my … Continue reading Giving my food processor the counter space it deserves

Swiss chard and other leafy greens

I'm afraid to have noticed an unintended consequence of the kosher bug-checking campaign. Rather than checking leafy greens for insect infestation, many Jewish ladies are no longer bothering to check their lettuce at all! Some women have become so vigilant that they aren't even preparing the greens anymore! An entire generation of children may grow … Continue reading Swiss chard and other leafy greens

Summer is for farmers’ markets

In Chicago there are farmers' markets galore on every day of the week, but for us, market day is on Thursday. Beginning in May and lasting through October, I spend Wednesday evenings preparing every possible lunch, cup of coffee and back pack for the next morning so that there will be time to dash off … Continue reading Summer is for farmers’ markets

On eating granola

First week of freshman year of college, my older, wiser sister came to visit us in Bloomington, Indiana. She took one look at my friends and me and said, "Are you ever going to stop dressing granola?" I don't know if I would have called myself granola then or now (though I'll admit, I had … Continue reading On eating granola