Frozen Passover treats

Do yourself a favor, march over to the dollar store (or if your time is money, go on Amazon), and buy yourself a few packages of popsicle molds for Pesach. Buy a bunch because they break, and use them for the rest of the spring and summer. Fill them with juice and leftover smoothies for … Continue reading Frozen Passover treats

Pesach, Granoladox style

Reposting this from last year, since chometz is going out of style again soon. We start out Pesach with grand plans. We're feeling like royalty--dressed in our finest clothes, the table is set for a king and we even lean to drink our wine. And then, only a few hours into the holiday, the matzah, … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style

My Pesach essentials

If you eat whole foods (as in mostly plants, not the grocery) year round, then it doesn't take as much creativity to cook on Pesach. In fact, just last night we ate spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and butternut squash soup--all with kosher for Pesach ingredients. So, my best advice on Peasch, for the sake … Continue reading My Pesach essentials