What the Pho?

Drive through certain neighborhoods in Chicago, and every restaurant features pho. But since it's not the hottest item on kosher menus--where Mexican cuisine is considered exotic--all I knew was that it involved soup and noodles. Well, folks, thanks to the World Wide Web, I too can eat pho. And now, so can you. Meet pho … Continue reading What the Pho?

Soup for dinner

This week in Chicago we got slammed. The -30F windchill tomorrow calls for my warmest clothes and my heartiest soup. Take your pick. YELLOW SPLIT PEA SOUP 1.5 cups yellow split peas, rinsed (you can substitute green ones, but the yellow ones smell like flowers, and that’s just cool) 3 whole carrots, peeled and roughly … Continue reading Soup for dinner

My Buckeye Contribution

I tried to get my four kids to line up in the O-H-I-O formation for this blog post on my healthy version of the classic favorite, buckeyes. The big game is on New Year's and it will be the first game I've seen all season. I once watched nearly every game, every year, but I … Continue reading My Buckeye Contribution