Cool beans

If I was a better photographer, I'd fill my kitchen with foodie photos from farmers' markets. Except, I'm usually shlepping four kids to those markets. I'll have to settle with the photos from my kitchen. Good thing these beans are so photogenic. I had planned to make a bean salad for Shabbos lunch. Then I … Continue reading Cool beans

Celebration smoothies for Israel Independence Day

My job as communications director at a Modern Orthodox Jewish high school has many advantages, chief among them is that I get paid to celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut. Here are some highlights of how we celebrated Israel's 64th birthday today. Granola Baby joined me at work for a lively round of Yom HaAtzmaut dancing, where teenage … Continue reading Celebration smoothies for Israel Independence Day

Almond butter cake

My father-in-law has a thing for almond butter and sardines.--not together, of course. Sardines are banned from my house because they smell. But almond butter? He used to bring it every time he'd come, and it got to the point where I would have three unopened jars in my cupboard.  That was until I started … Continue reading Almond butter cake

Three cheers for gluten

It wasn't so long ago that hardly anyone had even heard of gluten. Now, "gluten free" is so common that it's become synonymous with healthy living. Stomach problems? Fatigue? Overweight? Headaches? Maybe gluten's at fault. I don't doubt that those suffering from celiac disease have a critical need to control their diets. I'm just skeptical … Continue reading Three cheers for gluten

Tuning in on Shabbos

For one day of the week, every Sabbath-observant Jew turns off the buzz of technology, work, money and more to tune in to what's really important: family, friends, community and yes, God. To anyone who's never tried it, it's a wonder how we turn off the gadgets. To anyone who keeps Shabbos, it's a wonder … Continue reading Tuning in on Shabbos

Perfect popcorn

Homemade popcorn's been a Shabbos afternoon staple around here for years because it's yummy, healthy, easy and cheap. Inevitably when I serve it to our Shabbos guests, someone always remarks with wonder that I made it in a pot. I promise you, it's easier than making noodles, and once you make it, you'll never return … Continue reading Perfect popcorn

Nachos for dinner

I tricked my kids into eating black beans and fresh spinach for dinner. No joke. I layered a plate with tortilla chips, topped it with shredded spinach and black beans and loads of cheddar cheese. Once I popped that in the microwave, I added guacamole, sour cream and salsa verde. They ate the whole thing. … Continue reading Nachos for dinner

Carrot cake granola bars

I can't eat carrot cake without thinking of Grandpa Phil. Technically, he was Step-Grandpa Phil, but I liked him and (Step-) Grandma "Norky" enough that I had no qualms about acquiring them as another set of grandparents. While Grandma Norky was "like butter," Grandpa Phil was a little rough at the edges. I saw just … Continue reading Carrot cake granola bars

Get moving after Yom Tov

When I found out I'd be running alone for my long run this morning, I knew I needed a plan. There was only one thing that got me out of bed this morning at 6AM for 8.5 miles by myself: the beach. It takes me 22 minutes to reach the lake from my house when … Continue reading Get moving after Yom Tov

Pesach desserts that aren’t full of sugar and egg and don’t cost an arm and a leg

Pesach desserts usually fall into one of two categories. 1. Desserts that taste like cardboard, or 2. Desserts that taste almost as good as chometz. The problem with the latter is the amount of eggs, sugar and potato starch they take. So, here's my list of desserts that taste good and let you leave the … Continue reading Pesach desserts that aren’t full of sugar and egg and don’t cost an arm and a leg