Super Bowl Snacks

I posted pizza bites this past week, but this blog is full of more ideas for Super Bowl grub. Search for yourself, or try these below. Loaded taco salad. Perfect popcorn. Is there anything easier or better? Soft pretzels. You won't be able to make enough of these. Buckeye Treats. What's better than a Rice … Continue reading Super Bowl Snacks

Rethinking vegetables

My kids eat brussel sprouts and pretty much any other vegetable. Part of this fact, I realize is just plain good fortune. Plenty of moms try every trick in the book, and their kids won't touch a lot of vegetables. Besides luck, I have a few tricks of my own, and I do think that … Continue reading Rethinking vegetables

Pizza bites

Whether next week will find you as the football party type or the bake-with-your-kids-on-vacation type, this recipe is for you. The dough is easy to make in a food processor, and you can use your slave labor little people to make the stuffed balls of dough. You just might want to double the recipe, though. … Continue reading Pizza bites

Cornbread cakes and chili

Last week's "polar vortex" wasn't just cold. It cost us a fortune. At first it was just frozen pipes. And then it became burst pipes. And then, the final blow was when the furnace died. Permanently. One week later, we've got running water and heat, and for that we are quite grateful. We've also got … Continue reading Cornbread cakes and chili

Staying Whole, Body & Soul

In 15 years of running, I've had a lot of running partners. Most of them turned out to be my closest friends. And whenever we see each other, we discuss our passion. How many miles we did, when we're going again, our newest gear, our next goal and our plan to reach that goal. But, … Continue reading Staying Whole, Body & Soul

All you need is soup

My toes are frozen and so are my pipes. This "polar vortex" has been so miserable that I actually joined a gym. Yes, after more than a decade of running in Chicago winters, I gave in. New Year's was my last run outside, and I actually thought I might die. Whether it was the ice, … Continue reading All you need is soup

Remember the Rose Bowl

My first parenting act of 2014 was to yell at my 8-year-old. We were in a hurry to school (yes, they had school today--don't ask me why). She was incessantly whining about the cereal I got her and as is common when she whines, I lost my cool. Without even knowing how timely, my mom … Continue reading Remember the Rose Bowl