Something from nothing

We just returned from a family bar mitzvah in Cherry Hill, NJ, where my kids had what they described as the "best time of their lives." Aside from enjoying hours running around giggling with their cousins, my girls partied until nearly 1AM. See Exhibit A. A weekend away, though, meant that my fridge was pretty … Continue reading Something from nothing

Recovery drink, with a side of coffee

I just came back from my run feeling famished. That was when I remembered my sister's running post on drinking chocolate milk for a recovery drink (check out her Run Faster & Farther Facebook page for great tips!). And then I remembered that I am really tired from working late and tending to little people … Continue reading Recovery drink, with a side of coffee

PB and J cereal bars

I used to buy boxes of Trader Joe's cereal bars by the dozen. The only problem was that my kids would eat one and immediately ask for another. And I would bring one to work everyday and feel pretty much the same. ...Until I made my own. These bars are just as yummy and fill … Continue reading PB and J cereal bars

Why I like my 90s-era cell phone

A coworker recently joked, "1999 is calling--it wants its cell phone back." Except it's no joke. I actually have the same kind of cell phone--pay-per-minute--that I had in 1999. For $20 every three months, I purchase 120 minutes and 90 days of service on my cell phone. Break that down and you've got $6.67 and … Continue reading Why I like my 90s-era cell phone

Lessons learned from a snow day

I had big plans to take my kids to Make a Messterpiece in Glenview today. It's the last day of their winter break and my morning off from the office. They'd spent most of their mornings with babysitters, so I felt like I owed them a fun outing. More like I needed to appease my … Continue reading Lessons learned from a snow day

Homemade soft pretzels–for dinner

This neighborhood's a ghost town, with many families off in search of the sun and others splashing around at local water park hotels. Some of us, though, are at work, trying valiantly to keep children at home busy with the help of a little creativity. Yesterday, that meant homemade soft pretzels. And when they happened … Continue reading Homemade soft pretzels–for dinner

Indian flair

If I had my way, there would be a kosher Indian restaurant on Devon Ave. Why not embrace what's already there and boost an Indian's business with some kosher diners? They're vegetarian, after all--how hard can it be? For now, though, my homemade dishes will have to do. To our Devon neighbors, my Indian food … Continue reading Indian flair

The secret ingredient in chili is…

...You'll have to read to the end of this post to find out. And if you don't think I'm crazy yet, you might after my confession. I don't like chullent. I don't like its smell (especially when it wafts up to my bedroom in the middle of the night) and I don't like its taste. … Continue reading The secret ingredient in chili is…

‘Gearing’ up for winter

December might have been mild, and these past days (for January) have been glorious. But I'm no fool. The worst is yet to come. I'm a year-round outdoor runner--even in Chicago. Running outside takes a lot less time than driving to the track and back, and it's a lot more interesting. Spending time outside also … Continue reading ‘Gearing’ up for winter

Salsa verde in the winter

Salsa may be a summer food, but around here it's a staple. We pour it over burritos at least once a week and munch on chips and salsa for Shabbos lunch. But in the winter, tomatoes are usually mealy and flavorless--the same only in name to the ripe summer fruit. My solution? Tomatillos. This salsa … Continue reading Salsa verde in the winter