Simplifying Sukkos

12 meals. Count 'em. Of course, you'll have to count this Shabbos to get to 14, but those are just details. You might grow crazy thinking about it. You'll most definitely gain weight eating it. I can't say I've got the absolute solution to how to cook (and eat!) so many meals, but I've got … Continue reading Simplifying Sukkos

Fall for squash

The best part of eating fruits and vegetables in their seasons is the taste. There's nothing like spring strawberries, summer peaches and fall squash. The second best part? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We haven't had winter squash around here since...well, last winter. Now we can't stop eating it. Lucky for us, there are … Continue reading Fall for squash

Barbeque tempeh salad

I headed to Whole Foods this week to make amends. These are the days of atonement, afterall. You see, two weeks after the previous time I had been there, I found two packages of rotting tempeh in the canopy of my stroller. Ew. Not only did I manage to steal the tempeh, but I let … Continue reading Barbeque tempeh salad

Apple cinnamon forgiveness bars

I'm not always the kind of mother that I'd like to be. Some days I'm not even close. It's not that I think I should be perfect. But there are days--like today--when I use words that I shouldn't and silence where I should have used words. Lucky for me, it's almost Rosh Hashanah. I'm a … Continue reading Apple cinnamon forgiveness bars

Toasted herb croutons + homemade tomato soup

I once stated in this very blog that my challah recipe is foolproof. That is, unless you leave it in the oven to rise under the pilot light and later turn on the oven to bake your pizza. Oops. I, of course, tried to peel off the crusty top part of my 5lbs. of challah … Continue reading Toasted herb croutons + homemade tomato soup

Homemade ramen & miracle mommies

What to you do when your 9-yr.-old looks at you with these eyes: And says this: Mommy, you know that noodle soup in the box that you won't ever buy? Can you find a way to make it? You say yes. And then you think: Freeze-dried, fake-flavored, factory-made soup? My kid thinks I can work … Continue reading Homemade ramen & miracle mommies

Move over Panera

I didn't always know how to cook. In fact, I used to make instant soup for dinner by heating the water in a coffee pot. Every day. Yes, I've moved beyond my Ramen and cereal days of college, except I recently reverted back in one arena. The sandwich maker. At Target, right next to the … Continue reading Move over Panera

Summer pesto fest

What do you do with a huge bag of pesto from the CSA (community supported agriculture) when you already have three giant plants in your garden? Pesto, of course. Lots of it. It keeps in the freezer for months. And as much as we love it now, we'll really love the fresh taste of summer … Continue reading Summer pesto fest

Summer’s End Watermelon Soup

It's official. With Labor Day long gone, summer's officially over. But the summer surplus of produce is still going strong. That means we'll be soaking up the last few weeks of summer heat while sipping watermelon soup. WATERMELON SOUP 1/2 a large watermelon 1/4 cup freshly chopped mint leaves + more for garnish 1 cup … Continue reading Summer’s End Watermelon Soup