Living in Har Nof

I spent over a year living in Har Nof after college, a quiet neighborhood in West Jerusalem. It was no doubt the most monumental year of my life, when I studied Jewish texts full time at Neve Yerushalayim atop the mountain ("Har" means mountain). There I gained the knowledge, commitment to Torah, life skills and … Continue reading Living in Har Nof

Hot chocolate steamer

Today's one of those days when we Chicagoans wonder what in the world we are doing here. It's the kind of day when we don't stop drinking tea and prepare a hot drink for the kids after school. This recipe is modeled after the Starbucks milk steamer. My kids discovered it yesterday, and it was … Continue reading Hot chocolate steamer

Creamy corn soup

What this soup lacks in looks, it makes up for in taste and time. It takes all of 5 minutes to prepare it and another 15 minutes (or so) to cook it. Once it's done, adults and kids alike will devour it. CREAMY CORN SOUP 16oz. corn (I use one bag of frozen corn) 1/2t … Continue reading Creamy corn soup