The gift of time

On Friday I got the rare gift of time. As a working mother of 4, those moments when I have nothing urgent in the next moment are infrequent, to say the least. I don't dare complain because I suspect there will come a time when I will look back on these bustling years longingly. But … Continue reading The gift of time

Easiest egg drop soup

Like nearly every Jewish kid in America, I have a long history of eating Chinese food on December 25. In Chicago, though, that means picking up take-out food at the Jewel, which doesn't help any hours of the day pass by. So this Tuesday, we'll be making our own Chinese cuisine. My kids come home … Continue reading Easiest egg drop soup

Mouth watering vegan caramel candies

Let's just pretend this craving came from all the recent blog posts in my inbox that feature yummy cookie and candy recipes (and not because I was raised on certain red and green cookie platters this time of year). Remember Kyle from South Park? That was pretty much me--one of three Jews in my high … Continue reading Mouth watering vegan caramel candies

Spreading light, one act of kindness at a time

Share this link on your Facebook page and on those of your friends. Every time you see this image or this link, commit to one random act of kindness in memory of the victims of Sandy Hook. With all of our social media contacts, we can spread a lot of light. May the memories of … Continue reading Spreading light, one act of kindness at a time

The ‘meatiest’ veggie burgers

Let's just get one thing straight. Veggie burgers in no way taste like hamburgers. They resemble hamburgers, hence the name, but don't try and fool your family into thinking their vegan burger is actually meat. And if you do find a veggie burger that tastes like meat--I warn you, DO NOT EAT IT! Veggie burgers … Continue reading The ‘meatiest’ veggie burgers

Cheese sticks & Onion rings on Chanukah

If you're on a diet, you might as well skip this post. In fact, you might want to skip this whole week of Chanukah. Light your menorah and then just hide from all the oil on which everybody else is feasting. But if you're not on a diet, then go ahead and put all that … Continue reading Cheese sticks & Onion rings on Chanukah

Garden winners–in December!

It's early December, and I harvested most of our dinner from the backyard farm garden. Sure, it's been a warm winter so far, but there definitely has been frost on the ground some nights, and both our kale and our sunchokes made it into December. Now, if that sounds like serious gardening skills, it's not, … Continue reading Garden winners–in December!

Change your life…or at least your kitchen

If you walk into a kitchen and see a mortar and pestle on the counter, then you know you're going to get a good meal. At last that's what the expert chef I heard on NPR said. And I happen to think she's right. You don't have to know that much about cooking to use … Continue reading Change your life…or at least your kitchen

Anjou de vin…or pears in wine compote

There must have been a sale on Bartenura Moscato wine, I tell you. You know that wine in the blue bottle with so little alcohol that Granola Baby can chug it without getting drunk? Well, we have loads of it. The trouble with this wine, is that if you don't use it all in one … Continue reading Anjou de vin…or pears in wine compote