Today was every day of this quarantine season.

I woke at 5:30 for a perfect run. It was a trail run this time. Something my pup and I love and rarely get to do.

So many runs in so many days of this quarantine. Now they add up to so much more.

We hit the road to drive through the Pennsylvania mountains to pick up our boys from summer camp. The route we chose there was longer, more twisted and confusing than the straight path, but it turned out more lovely.

It was also a little bitter as our girls saw the trails and river they would have traversed had their camp not been canceled.

We picked up two happy boys. How fortunate are they for summer camp? It’s true every year. Even more so this one. How blessed are we that they’re healthy; that we were able to send them to camp?

We surprised them with the puppy they begged for. The one they wrote persuasive homeschool essays for. There is so much joy and comfort in a puppy.


We moved on to meet our cousins, who traveled in to see us. The timing didn’t work out as planned, so our family looked for a spot to enjoy lunch instead. What looked like a path turned out to be a dead end.

We ate there anyway. And helped someone else lost along the way.

And then we found a hike. It looked perfect online!

But we couldn’t find the sign. We parked and walked down what appeared to be the path anyway. It wasn’t.

So we moved along and tried again. We found it!

But it was steeper and more treacherous than we had thought. But then we found the waterfall. It was exactly what we needed.


Until someone stepped in a hole with a beehive. Two kids were swarmed and stung.

Settle down, we can handle this! We were prepared with first aid and ice. There were tears and pain. And also sweetness, as my older one mothered my younger one, in spite of all her own stings.

And then there was ice cream. And finally! Our cousins.

Now we were in no shape to hike again as planned. And swimming was out because the Delaware River was closed for bacteria.

So we’ll have a barbecue!

And then the park on the map turned out to be nothing more than a green patch along the road.

So we moved along to the next park. And it was nothing more than a few benches at an intersection.

Finally, we found the perfect spot!

And then it was closed off to picnicking. Maybe we can just tailgate in the empty parking lot while the kids play in the water?

But we forgot matches.

So we’ll go get the matches!

And then the ranger came by and kindly asked us to mosey along.

But he suggests another perfect spot!

So we head there. It turns out to be nothing more than a municipal park. So close to a beautiful national recreation area, but not at all beautiful.

But we can grill here, and we’re together! And that’s all that matters.

But it says no pets. And no grilling with propane. And there’s a county park ranger enforcing the rules.

But we have other food, and we’re all together! And THAT’s all that matters.

So we eat together. And we take turns watching the dogs nearby. And it was all worth it to be together with family we love.

We said goodbye and headed back west to our campsite.

I thought to call ahead to ask the campgrounds to leave the laundry room open so I could wash the boys’ dirty camp funk. Finally! Something went as planned.

The kids were quiet. Sleeping, even. And the mountains were beautiful. It was a good day, in spite of all the best-laid plans that failed.


And then one woke up. And got sick in the car.

Okay! We can handle this. We pulled over and did.

We got back to the campsite in the dark, and I loaded up the laundry. The door was indeed open!

And then there was no coin machine. There’s always a coin machine.

This day was hard.

None of our plans worked out no matter how hard we tried.


But look at those stars!

Today was every day of this quarantine season.

How blessed are we?

And how much easier is it to see the blessings these days?




One thought on “Every day that’s a little like today

  1. So beautiful that you are able to appreciate your blessings even in a challenging journey
    You are a special neshama and Hashem for sure has tremendous nachas from you.
    Hope the kids are feeling better.
    Sending my love ,
    Zlata Baila

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