Announcing Granola Kids Bakery

See these kids? They're busy baking for you. School's out for summer, and they're offering you more time by the pool. They'll do the baking and you'll still enjoy healthy, homemade treats. These treats are healthy enough to eat for breakfast, but yummy enough that your kids will consider them dessert. Most ingredients are organic, … Continue reading Announcing Granola Kids Bakery

Every picky eater needs a Rachel

I served polenta last night, a quick Italian dish made of corn meal. It's delicious and can be prepared in infinite ways. Most importantly, it's quick and cheap. We all love it--except my pickiest eater. He always claimed to "hate" polenta. Until yesterday evening. When I served the kids polenta, my 6-year-old started with his … Continue reading Every picky eater needs a Rachel

Easy summer salad

We found one lonesome radish in our garden. My kids were in charge of planting them, and one was all that was ready last week. Good thing it doesn't take much to make a summer salad, when so many farmers' market veggies are perfectly ripe. If checking lettuce gets old, you can throw together a … Continue reading Easy summer salad

City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Bet you didn't know that arguably the best biking and running path--after the Lakefront--is right here in West Rogers Park. I once didn't, and I lived two blocks away. Or maybe you noticed bikers and runners heading under the Lincoln Avenue bridge while you were stopped at the light on Kedzie. But did you explore … Continue reading City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Guide to Chicago beaches

Lake Michigan with Chicago's glorious beaches is 2 miles east of my house. I run there every Sunday morning, year-round. And spring through fall, I try to get our family there often. It's beautiful, clean, the sand is often newly combed, the water is calm, and we have a blast. When it's cool, we play … Continue reading Guide to Chicago beaches

Almond butter vegan ‘ice cream’

In every sense of the word, there are a lot of bad frozen parve desserts out there. Rich's Whip, anyone? Granted, there are also some good ones these days. Non dairy sorbets and a few products at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are tasty. That is if you like paying loads of money for ice … Continue reading Almond butter vegan ‘ice cream’

Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Try a peach from the farmers’ market, and you’ll know why I have to ration them. They look similar to the peaches you might find at a grocery, but pick it up and it screams for you to eat it immediately. The smell is so strong, you feel like you’re walking through an orchard. And … Continue reading Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Teaching kids to run

Here's the thing about running--it's hard. Just ask 26 fourth through sixth grade girls how hard it is to learn to run. But like any challenge, every run gets a little easier. This week we finished ACHDUS Runners, a fall and spring running program for girls in grades 4-6. I had no doubt for this … Continue reading Teaching kids to run