6 Lessons learned in southern Utah

Ask anyone who’s visited the southern Utah National Parks and they’ll tell you the the best times to go are fall and spring. That’s made the trip impossible for us with Sukkot in the fall and Pesach in the spring. Turns out winter’s a pretty perfect time to visit these magnificent parks too. And, bonus, … Continue reading 6 Lessons learned in southern Utah

Every day that’s a little like today

Today was every day of this quarantine season. I woke at 5:30 for a perfect run. It was a trail run this time. Something my pup and I love and rarely get to do. We hit the road to drive through the Pennsylvania mountains to pick up our boys from summer camp. The route we … Continue reading Every day that’s a little like today

Margolin Teens Take On NYC

I let my high school girls roam around NYC today on their own, which makes us either really awesome parents or totally insane. The jury’s still out until they’re older and tell us one way or the other. I’m leaning toward awesome. Here’s why: This was the first year in many that we didn’t spend … Continue reading Margolin Teens Take On NYC

South Dakota Adventure

We hit the road in June for our annual camping trip with little planning and knowledge of what was ahead. I'm pretty much a national park junkie, and as far as they go, this one should definitely be on your bucket list. And then, check ✅, you're good. We loved it, and it's a really … Continue reading South Dakota Adventure

This summer 2019 was life

How was your summer is such basic, benign question. This time for us, though, it's loaded. How was my summer? Well, it was life. It had some major highs and absolute lows. And since this blog is as much a journal of mine as a healthy living blog, I'm recording it here for posterity. No matter … Continue reading This summer 2019 was life

Here’s what I believe.

Have you ever had to borrow a flame from a neighbor on Yom Tov because yours has gone out? You carry your candle to a house nearby, hoping someone is there to offer you theirs. And then you walk back home, slowly and carefully with your hand cupped around a tiny flame, so that—in spite … Continue reading Here’s what I believe.

Napoleon Dynamite Purim

Napoleon Dynamite is making its rounds on a second generation, and Napoleon fever hit our house 'real bad.' Since our kids saw the movie in July (and another dozen times since then), they've spouted out random lines pretty much nonstop. There was no question that Purim was going to be all about Napoleon. Shalach Manot … Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite Purim

How Our Kids Learned to Read

I owe JK Rowling a thank you note. My youngest son is staying up too late these days, devouring the fourth Harry Potter book on his own. He's joined the legions of children worldwide, who tackle the over 900-page book with an insatiable desire to reach its end. In our family, he's the fourth to … Continue reading How Our Kids Learned to Read

Journey of a lifetime

If the restroom lines in Israel seem shorter and the tourism economy takes a slight dip, it's because yesterday marks the end of the JWRP fall trip season. Jewish Women's Renaissance Project (alternatively and affectionally called Jewish Women Running to Pee) brings up to 450 women from around the world per week for the summer … Continue reading Journey of a lifetime