Pinterest can be a dangerous place, I tell you.

If you haven’t browsed the site, I recommend staying far away–especially if you’re crafty.

But if you’re already an addict (or you have the highest levels of self control), you might as well put the site to good use.

Your kids are on winter break and you’re busy at work? Pinterest.

Freezing day and your kids are driving you crazy? Pinterest.

Birthday party to plan? Pinterest.

P1020302Here’s how it works. Search your house for some crafty treasures–like pipe cleaners, old glass vases, popsicle sticks or even recycling. Then enter that item (along with the words “kids craft”) into the Pinterest search engine. Voila! Hundreds of ideas at your kids’ fingertips.

You’ve got boys? Search for “boys crafts“! Robots, pirates, teepees and homemade goo galore!

Today we started searching Pinterest around 1PM…and only shut down the craft shop at bedtime.


Happy crafting–at your own risk, that is.

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