Happy 4th of July

With 4th of July falling on Shabbos this year, it calls for a bit of effort to make the Independence Day feel festive. Try these easy, healthy recipes to add to your Shabbos. Move over Bomb Pops, these red, white & blue Patriotic Pops are just as fun and a whole lot healthier. Ingredients: Red … Continue reading Happy 4th of July

Dinner Guest Post from Granola Girl

My 9-year-old just submitted her favorite dinner recipe to the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge & Kids’ State Dinner with the hopes of winning an invitation to The White House. Not likely, but if it were up to me, she'd win. Here's her post: My name is Adina. I'm in fourth grade. My family eats really healthy. … Continue reading Dinner Guest Post from Granola Girl

Chinatown adventure

We headed out for another Sukkot scavenger hunt, destined this year for Chinatown (read last fall's post on our adventure in Millenium Park.). Now, you might be wondering what two families who keep kosher would do in Chinatown? I was too, but what I hoped would occupy us for an hour, turned out to be … Continue reading Chinatown adventure

Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Just back from a week in the Smoky Mountains, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Our annual family camping trip is always a highlight, but our adventure last week was over the top. Recorded for posterity below is our day-by-day adventures, which you can read if you're like my mom, who's willing to listen … Continue reading Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Kosher food on the road

There are three kinds of kosher travelers: 1. Those that head to big cities with lots of kosher restaurants. 2. Those that visit all-inclusive kosher resorts. 3. Those that shlep their own food cross country. These are the Hoi Palloi. AKA: us. The thing about bringing food on the road is that it's not nearly … Continue reading Kosher food on the road

Vacation is only a few miles away

There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter Hell and Summer Sewage. After two floods in fewer than 10 days and the sticker shock of how much money it will take to prevent a third--I needed a vacation. I found my oasis yesterday in the Skokie Lagoons. I've rented canoes there a lot with the kids … Continue reading Vacation is only a few miles away

Get up and WALK!

I live in a neighborhood made for walking. The streets are narrow, everything is nearby and there isn't much parking. The only problem is that EVERYBODY drives. At camp, where nearly everyone lives within a half mile, the carpool line loops all the way around the building. For sure there are drivers from farther away, … Continue reading Get up and WALK!

FREE family fun

It took my kids 5 minutes home from school today to start fighting and less than an hour to complain of boredom. Good thing we live in a world class city. Following are 10 ideas to keep your kids busy, which just might keep you sane. You'll also create memories to last a lifetime. And … Continue reading FREE family fun

On balancing a balanced diet

It's my daughter's 9-year-old Hebrew birthday today, and while we don't usually celebrate Hebrew birthdays with a frosted cake, for my middle daughter--who rarely demands anything--we did. And like any good kids' birthday cake, it was full of sugar, butter cream frosting and pink sprinkles. Pink, as in food-coloring-red-40-pink. I don't feel one bit bad. … Continue reading On balancing a balanced diet

Build Your Own Cookie

It wasn't until I got rid of cookbooks that I started to enjoy cooking. Sure, I still use them a bit, but looking back and forth at a recipe is tiresome. Throwing ingredients in a bowl and coming up with something halfway decent is fun. A little like being a scientist or artist, right? So, … Continue reading Build Your Own Cookie