First a confession: we don’t have a TV, and I think we’re better off for it. My kids read all day, play sports and yes, fight. But at least they’re interacting.

Once in a while, though, it’s inconvenient to have no screen on the wall. Like on Super Bowl Sunday. My husband spends that day every year scrambling for a TV to see even just a few plays.

So, if you want to invite us, we’re available. We’ll even bring some grub.

Loaded taco salad.


Perfect popcorn. Is there anything easier or better?

Screen shot 2012-04-19 at 11.26.38 PM

Soft pretzels. You won’t be able to make enough of these.


Buckeye Treats. What’s better than a Rice Krispy Treat or a Buckeye? The two combined.


Almond butter cake. On second thought, maybe just keep this for yourself.

Screen shot 2012-03-31 at 10.18.27 PM

Granola bars. Don’t all football fans eat granola?


Homemade caramels. Don’t make these ahead of time. Save them for when you get bored during the game.


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