Turns out there are a lot of recipes already on this blog that are kosher for Pesach. And since we’re all a bit, uh, busy right now, I’ll do you a favor. I’ll sift through the blog for you.

Squash soup
Cauliflower soup
Pumpkin soup
Strawberry rhubarb soup

Cauliflower popcorn
Farro Salad (substitute quinoa for the farro)
Chayote squash
Quinoa with chestnuts
Roasted root vegetables
Roasted Sunchokes
Sauteed kale (or any other green, for that matter)
Quinoa with pesto
Sweet potato and candied pecans
Spinach mushroom and garlic sauce (for over quinoa)
Swiss chard with feta
Israeli salad
Beet slaw
Middle Eastern vinaigrette

Herb stuffed chicken
Indian stew (use quinoa instead of lentils, chickpeas and tempeh)
Chinese stir fry (over quinoa)
Pistachio chicken salad
Grilled chicken breast over spinach salad
Salmon with pesto or cucumber dill sauce

Homemade yogurt
Chocolate dippin’ sauce
Mocha smoothie
Homemade coffee creamer
Salsa verde
Almond butter dressing
Brew it at home mocha and Mocha Shake
Yogurt and herb dip

4 thoughts on “Pesach, Granoladox style

  1. Cute Pesach granola idea. BTW, I hate to be a yenta, but do you have matzos coffee? break up a few matzos, pour boiling hot coffee over t hem to soften, then add milk and sugar and eat as you would oatmeal. I grew up on this stuff, but then again I’m old enough to be your Mom. Reading your post inspired me. I think I”m going to post matzos coffee, the ultimate Ashkenazi Pesach breakfast. Best wishes for a great holiday. I enjoy your blog and you sound like a very fun Mom.

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