It’s hard to complain about much of anything right now, after watching so many walk away from the hurricane with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I’ve been counting my blessings, big and small, ever since.

That said, the Jewish month of Marcheshvan, post holidays when it gets cold and dark, leaves us all in need of a little pick me up. Below are 5 of my current favorites, in no particular order:

1. An Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler. This book is as eloquent as it is inspiring. There’s nothing as warming as standing over a hearty soup on a hot stove.

2. Covenant and Conversation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. The new cycle of Torah readings, post Simchas Torah, means that I have several months of Rabbi Sacks thoughts on the weekly portion. Reading even one chapter a week means that I can come to the table feeling “plugged in.”

3. Babel from Mumford and Sons. This CD is like a deep breath and an exhalation all at the same time. I’ve been listening to it ever since Sukkos, and it doesn’t get old.

4. Running outdoors. When many runners are heading to the treadmill, I bring out the winter gear. With the right clothing, I’m able to run outdoors year-round. Catching a little fresh air everyday keeps away any seasonal affective disorder, real or imagined.

5. Pumpkin Spice Coffee. No need to head to Starbucks for this. It’s just as good at home. I drink it twice a day.

2 thoughts on “5 spirit lifters for Marcheshvan

  1. you once posted a recipe for bean burgers and I can’t find my it since I moved. Can you send it to me? Menachem actually asked for them the other day ;).

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