Odds & Ends Soup

We've eaten mighty well this summer and fall. Our garden has been a success, yielding loads of greens, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. And we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture), which meant that a local organic farm added to our garden harvest. (Check out their website for next year's shares.) All that goodness makes me … Continue reading Odds & Ends Soup

5 spirit lifters for Marcheshvan

It's hard to complain about much of anything right now, after watching so many walk away from the hurricane with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I've been counting my blessings, big and small, ever since. That said, the Jewish month of Marcheshvan, post holidays when it gets cold and dark, leaves us all … Continue reading 5 spirit lifters for Marcheshvan

Seeking breathing room + a good meal

Remember Madlibs? Those books were my favorite as a camper. Let's try this one about my Sunday. You fill in the blanks with the activities that took up your Sunday because I know it wasn't any easier. But do me a favor--leave out the inappropriate answers. This is granolaDOX, people. 6AM: I woke up to … Continue reading Seeking breathing room + a good meal