Cheesy steak fries

Maybe it was the sun during my run or maybe it was the 8 mile bike ride with Granola Baby in the trailer--but when I came home famished 10 minutes before the big kids' bus came along, we ended up with the most random dinner. Homemade waffles, black bean soup and cheesy steak fries. Told … Continue reading Cheesy steak fries

Easy, delicious tofu

There's a perfect way to make just about any food, and I've read whole articles about omelets to prove it. I'm not that kind of cook. And I don't even aspire to be. Working moms of 4 can't also be gourmet chefs. Besides, I've got a lot of running, biking and playing that I would … Continue reading Easy, delicious tofu

Barbeque tempeh salad

I headed to Whole Foods this week to make amends. These are the days of atonement, afterall. You see, two weeks after the previous time I had been there, I found two packages of rotting tempeh in the canopy of my stroller. Ew. Not only did I manage to steal the tempeh, but I let … Continue reading Barbeque tempeh salad

Summer’s End Watermelon Soup

It's official. With Labor Day long gone, summer's officially over. But the summer surplus of produce is still going strong. That means we'll be soaking up the last few weeks of summer heat while sipping watermelon soup. WATERMELON SOUP 1/2 a large watermelon 1/4 cup freshly chopped mint leaves + more for garnish 1 cup … Continue reading Summer’s End Watermelon Soup