Garden Finale

Thanks to this Indian summer day, I cleaned out the garden during breaks from defending my goal from a fierce 4-year-old soccer fanatic. The result was a huge harvest of lost carrots, beets and greens hiding below grown-over tomato plants. I cooked the lot of it for dinner, which means you get 4 recipes for … Continue reading Garden Finale

Fall for squash

The best part of eating fruits and vegetables in their seasons is the taste. There's nothing like spring strawberries, summer peaches and fall squash. The second best part? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We haven't had winter squash around here since...well, last winter. Now we can't stop eating it. Lucky for us, there are … Continue reading Fall for squash

With feta it’s betta’

Cooking in the summer is for the birds, as they say. So last night we enjoyed a fabulous dish, made in only minutes on the stove, thanks to my friend, Jamie, and her blog, (check it out!). Her Israeli cous cous with pesto (I used basil, but hers call for arugula) features feta cheese … Continue reading With feta it’s betta’