Fall favorites for Sukkos

For a family that loves camping and the outdoors, there's pretty much no better holiday than Sukkos. Despite the anticipation of 12 (!) upcoming meals, all the size of a typical American's Thanksgiving dinner, I can't wait. To manage the cooking and eating of all that food, read the following posts. Simplifying Sukkos Cheaper, easier … Continue reading Fall favorites for Sukkos

Simplifying Sukkos

12 meals. Count 'em. Of course, you'll have to count this Shabbos to get to 14, but those are just details. You might grow crazy thinking about it. You'll most definitely gain weight eating it. I can't say I've got the absolute solution to how to cook (and eat!) so many meals, but I've got … Continue reading Simplifying Sukkos

Pumpkin soup in its shell

Barbara Kingsolver's book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, chronicling her family's year-long locavore experience, was a combination of my favorite author and two of my favorite interests: gardening and cooking healthy food. I devoured the book and then several of the recipes in it. This recipe for pumpkin soup, served in its shell, has become a Sukkos … Continue reading Pumpkin soup in its shell