Cous cous in a flash

It's 5:40PM, and I haven't given dinner a thought. Thank God for cous cous and tofu--two ingredients I always keep in stock. I grab the tub of grain from my cupboard (no wimpy box with seasoning will feed this family of six), stir fry any veggies I find in the fridge and dinner is ready … Continue reading Cous cous in a flash

Meat (and wine) for Simchas Yom Tov

For most of us, it just wouldn't be Yom Tov without a brisket. And a roast. And meatballs. And a few 8-piece chickens. And that's just the first day. With so many three-day Yom Tov's, there comes a point where the meat becomes too gluttonous (and too expensive!). Here are some ways our family tries … Continue reading Meat (and wine) for Simchas Yom Tov

Salad with a side of meat

It used to be that Americans, and everyone else for that matter, ate meat in small portions and often as a seasoning. But thanks to modern day industrial agriculture, many families are "heavy on the bassar (meat)." And while the price of meat may be cheap in comparison to the relative price a generation ago, … Continue reading Salad with a side of meat