Staying Whole, Body & Soul

In 15 years of running, I've had a lot of running partners. Most of them turned out to be my closest friends. And whenever we see each other, we discuss our passion. How many miles we did, when we're going again, our newest gear, our next goal and our plan to reach that goal. But, … Continue reading Staying Whole, Body & Soul

A little moment of glory

Yesterday was a great run. The kind that reminds me why I get out there, regardless of my schedule, the weather or the way I feel. I had signed up for a little-known half marathon in the Indiana Dunes, along with my friend, Rachel (read her post on the run and join her healthy living … Continue reading A little moment of glory

City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Bet you didn't know that arguably the best biking and running path--after the Lakefront--is right here in West Rogers Park. I once didn't, and I lived two blocks away. Or maybe you noticed bikers and runners heading under the Lincoln Avenue bridge while you were stopped at the light on Kedzie. But did you explore … Continue reading City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Fitness in the forest

Today was my day to choose the family activity. Over Sukkos, my kids had already taken a train and boat tour (explicit directions here) of Chicago, ending at the Hershey's store, seen a live concert and visited a pumpkin farm and spectacular park. But when I told my gang that we were headed to the … Continue reading Fitness in the forest

‘Running’ Errands

If I feel like I'm always running, it's because I am. Today I had to figure out how to prepare for Shabbos--when we'll be hosting sheva brachos--run some errands and take care of my baby. And the only thing I wanted to do? Run. That meant I did it all, while running. With Granola Baby … Continue reading ‘Running’ Errands

Free therapy in the Forest Preserve

Ten deer, a blue jay, a dozen retirees and me. Oh, and my sleeping baby. We were the only ones in the Forest Preserve this past Friday morning. I hadn't planned to seek out the tranquility of the Forest Preserve, but I couldn't help but feel rejuvenated. When I decided to add another run to … Continue reading Free therapy in the Forest Preserve

Get moving after Yom Tov

When I found out I'd be running alone for my long run this morning, I knew I needed a plan. There was only one thing that got me out of bed this morning at 6AM for 8.5 miles by myself: the beach. It takes me 22 minutes to reach the lake from my house when … Continue reading Get moving after Yom Tov

Coming up for air on Isru Chag

In spite of the dark, I had an extra bounce in my step when I set out to run at 6:40 this morning. It was a feeling of coming up for air after three days of Yom Tov, third time around. (After havdalah last night, I made my family applaud my 16/18 homemade meals from … Continue reading Coming up for air on Isru Chag

A runner’s heart

Fourteen years ago I set out determined to become a runner. I didn't have the skill or even what I imagined to be the body shape for the sport, but I had what I didn't know then (and I know now) was the most important asset: a runner's heart. And I don't mean I was … Continue reading A runner’s heart