Insanely good apple cake

This apple cake from Smitten Kitchen has become a regular at our Rosh Hashanah table. I use whole wheat flour, replace the oil with apple sauce and reduce the sugar by half to make it healthier. It's insanely good...that is, unless you eat all the apples off the top when before you serve it. Shana … Continue reading Insanely good apple cake

Candied pecans for a sweet New Year

I like to save sugar for dessert, but sweet potatoes topped with candied pecans are a festive (and delicious!) addition to the Rosh HaShana spread. I first tried this version at my sister, Julie's house--the pecans don't require much brown sugar to coat them, and the sweet potatoes are so packed with flavor, they don't … Continue reading Candied pecans for a sweet New Year

No complaints

It's the Jewish month of Elul, which in these parts, means t'shuva, or repentance. Or, for an easier translation to swallow--returning to our higher selves. In an effort to accomplish something in the spirit of the season, I've decided to stop complaining. My complaints had reached a level where I would complain to my husband, … Continue reading No complaints