3-Day Yom Tov Plan

There's a lot to do to get ready for Rosh Hashana. Fall clothes to purchase, food to buy, menus to plan and--oh, yeah--teshuva to do. After all that, there's little time to plan more, but I'd like to humbly suggest one more plan to make all these days of cooking and eating leave us fulfilled … Continue reading 3-Day Yom Tov Plan

Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

Folks, throw away your excessive Yom Tov menus--I got your back. Here's the plan, plain and simple: 1. Go to the produce store/the farmers' market/the shuk. Buy every single thing that looks the slightest bit interesting to you, and then some. If it grows from the ground, buy it. But if you live in a … Continue reading Cheaper, easier & healthier Sukkos

Every picky eater needs a Rachel

I served polenta last night, a quick Italian dish made of corn meal. It's delicious and can be prepared in infinite ways. Most importantly, it's quick and cheap. We all love it--except my pickiest eater. He always claimed to "hate" polenta. Until yesterday evening. When I served the kids polenta, my 6-year-old started with his … Continue reading Every picky eater needs a Rachel

Seeking breathing room + a good meal

Remember Madlibs? Those books were my favorite as a camper. Let's try this one about my Sunday. You fill in the blanks with the activities that took up your Sunday because I know it wasn't any easier. But do me a favor--leave out the inappropriate answers. This is granolaDOX, people. 6AM: I woke up to … Continue reading Seeking breathing room + a good meal

Roasted veggies for Yom Tov

I got a new Mark Bittman cookbook recently, which makes me the rare woman looking forward to cooking this week. My first cookbook of his, How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, is so full of chometz, it's not even worth cleaning. I use it several times a day. My friend, Eve, had delivered the book as … Continue reading Roasted veggies for Yom Tov