Spicing up the matzah

Six days into this holiday, and the matzah is getting old. How many times can you eat it with cream cheese? Try these recipes to get you through the home stretch. Moadim l'simcha! SALSA VERDE 4 large or 6 small tomatillos (looks like a green tomato in a husk) 3 scallions 1 clove of garlic … Continue reading Spicing up the matzah

Summer pesto fest

What do you do with a huge bag of pesto from the CSA (community supported agriculture) when you already have three giant plants in your garden? Pesto, of course. Lots of it. It keeps in the freezer for months. And as much as we love it now, we'll really love the fresh taste of summer … Continue reading Summer pesto fest

Salmon, two ways

If you're anything like me, you're defrosting salmon from Jewel's 9-days salmon sale today. In fact, without taking an official survey, I'd venture to guess that the significant majority of my friends and neighbors will be feasting on salmon tomorrow evening, before the fast of Tisha B'Av. My favorite way to cook salmon (or any … Continue reading Salmon, two ways