Trust Yourself

Somehow, one day, we all woke up and found ourselves living in a world where everyone is an expert except for us. Everything from food (this blog included), to crafts, to parenting and household maintenance has unlimited experts and advice online. Often this saves us money and time. I rarely buy a cookbook, I've decorated … Continue reading Trust Yourself

On balancing a balanced diet

It's my daughter's 9-year-old Hebrew birthday today, and while we don't usually celebrate Hebrew birthdays with a frosted cake, for my middle daughter--who rarely demands anything--we did. And like any good kids' birthday cake, it was full of sugar, butter cream frosting and pink sprinkles. Pink, as in food-coloring-red-40-pink. I don't feel one bit bad. … Continue reading On balancing a balanced diet

Remember the Rose Bowl

My first parenting act of 2014 was to yell at my 8-year-old. We were in a hurry to school (yes, they had school today--don't ask me why). She was incessantly whining about the cereal I got her and as is common when she whines, I lost my cool. Without even knowing how timely, my mom … Continue reading Remember the Rose Bowl

The gift of time

On Friday I got the rare gift of time. As a working mother of 4, those moments when I have nothing urgent in the next moment are infrequent, to say the least. I don't dare complain because I suspect there will come a time when I will look back on these bustling years longingly. But … Continue reading The gift of time

Raising readers

Each week I fill my arms with as many books as I can carry from the library, so many that I recently bought a piece of furniture to store them. Okay, so it's really supposed to be a gardening bucket, but I'm not taking this adorable piece out to my filthy garden. New library books … Continue reading Raising readers